Up-cycling and re-fashioning

Remember that haul I got back in March well I spent some time over a weekend around the same time making changes to some of the pieces but I never got around to posting them so here they are…

Plain, boring, one too big and one too small but just  by chopping, sewing, adding a few buttons, some ribbon and a couple of colourful stitches et voila  new outfits!

Black Shirt Dress

This dress fitted fine but was lacking some personality, so I looked through my button stash added a couple of stitches on the collar and created a dress I that was a little more me.  Simple and easy and done in an hour.  This is a basic re-fashion/upcycle, look on any blog, in any book and you will find changing buttons is always a favourite way to stamp your own style on a piece.

Ta-dah!  The before and after.  What do you think?  The buttons are a little hard to see but they are red, green, blue and yellow as is the stitching on the collar.

The Green/Black Swirl dress

As you can see my the pictures below this was a wrap dress that is too small to be decent (my dummy has my measurements) however I love the pattern and the fabric and the little ties on the three quarter sleeves so I decided to chop it in half and turn the top in a loose cardigan.
This was fine until I realised I would have to hem it, but with the fabric being stretchy and my cutting slightly wonky this was looking like a disaster.  So I got some ribbon to create an instant hem and to make it slightly longer but this is where I should have took my time.  The ribbon was slightly too long and instead of sewing it on then cutting it to the right length, I cut it before I sewed.
You know in my profile it says that sometimes I fail in my attempts, this is one of those times (scroll down for another!).  The ribbon was too short so I had to bodge it and if you look close enough you can see it doesn’t reach the end of the material.  It’s not an epic fail, but a kick-yourself-for-rushing kinda of fail.
I still love it though and it does go with my shirt dress and I wear both for work.  As for the bottom of the dress?  That still has the belt on it and although it needs to be tidied up it works great as a throw on wrap skirt.

Blue dress with white birds

When I saw this I thought nautical, I thought summer dress for beach visits and day trips.  I thought it’s huge I can take it in!  So I removed the ties, turned it inside out stuck it back on the dummy, pinned it to fit all the way up to and including the short sleeves.  I then took it off and cut it slightly wider than the pin line, thinking this would be my seam allowance. I replaced the ties by pinning them in place on the right side of the dress then I sewed it all up.
It looks okay doesn’t it?  What I didn’t take into account was how big the top of the dress was, even after altering the dress up to the sleeves it was so loose it wasn’t decent, which is why I put a vest under it.  It is also too long and makes me feel more frumpy than beach babe.
Fail.  It now sits in my fabric drawer waiting for me to make it more befitting a summers day.  It’s just not going to happen this summer.
Please feel free to comment, any suggestions on righting my wrongs will be greatfully received.  Or how about letting me know about some of your fails in the homemaking department?

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