United Kingdom or a Great Britain divided?

Great Britain

So a giant shitstorm has hit Britain with the ‘shock’ win of the Brexit campaign.  Why are we (and the rest of the world) so shocked at the madness of events since Friday 24th June?

I voted Remain, I would like to think that we are not a country on our own, we are part of a global community that does not end at our shores or even at the EU borders. I was hopeful that hate would not win out.

But the politicians (on both sides) seemed to have forgotten the ‘ordinary’ person who possibly don’t do polls and who perhaps wouldn’t generally vote but instead make their opinions very clear on social media, in the street or down the local on a Friday night. Did it actually cross Parliament’s spin doctors that the people of Great Britain would actually care about politics?  Perhaps they didn’t expect them to vote, after all if people can’t be bothered to vote in a General Election that decides who runs this country, then why would they vote about a governing body that is as seems politically removed from the United Kingdom as it is geographically?

Because they have had enough. They used their vote to raise their voices.  It wasn’t a vote for leadership of this country but it may has well have been.

For a long time, British politics has been out of touch with its people, the divide of the ‘have’ and ‘have-nots’ has kept widening and all the British people can see are a bunch of ‘toffs’ laughing and joking in parliament, politicians side stepping direct questions and the poorer end of society and the ill being marginalised and victimised in budget after budget.

Then we get the media.  A substantial proportion of the media seem to enjoy spreading the message of ‘fear thy neighbour’ so if you look foreign, sound foreign or could possibly be a benefit scrounger you are enemy number one.

Then there is the other side of the media that won’t highlight rallies or marches that plead for peace and understanding or those that highlight how badly British politics is effecting everyday living for those less affluent or living outside of that bubble of city called London.

The media are now highlighting the global impact of Brexit and we haven’t even left yet.  The chancellor of the budget is wishing he stayed in hiding as his reassurances are empty words since the FSTE 100 index and the price of sterling continues to drop and we lose our Triple A rating.

The Prime Minister wants it all to end and no longer wants to hold onto this hot potato of his own making. Though points for a spectacularly ending his career (some part of me thinks this was on purpose as he didn’t look too impressed in winning the GE).

The Labour party is imploding quicker than the Conservatives and I keep expecting to see Labour MP’s strolling around with Guy Fawkes-like effigies of Jeremy Corbyn.

The Scottish and the Irish are none too impressed with the rest of Britain and we seem to be heading into the worst relationship breakup this country has seen, will we be dropping the ‘United’?

Meanwhile racist abuse is on the rise because ‘the people’ who voted out on the belief that we will be sending people ‘back to where they came from’ think they have been given free rein to express views of racism and hatred despite the fact that even if we leave the EU there will still be freedom of movement.

The Brexit campaign has all but dissolved as the website is dismantled and promises of money for the NHS instead of going to the EU are now revealed by Farage, a stuttering incompetent mess, as lies.  Boris Johnson looks scared at the possibility of being handed this flaming hot turd that he quite happily helped to set alight.

People on social media are falling out with each other left right and centre. The young unhappy with the old, those who voted exit are all being boxed and stacked into the marginalised poor and uneducated pile and those who wanted to remain as being ignorant of being ruled by an unelected government.

No one knows what is happening, the Irish are panic buying Irish passports and the Welsh First Minister is worried about the rise in racial hatred as his country that received a lot of funding from the EU bit the hand that fed it whilst he tries to reassure everyone that Wales is and always will be inclusive.

Oh and to cap it all off Great Britain becomes the laughing stock of the world for voting out of the EU then asking Google what the EU is.

All the squabbling and the back stabbing, the lies and the hatred are just masking the real problem.  We are a country disillusioned with its political leaders, looking for a scapegoat cause that will raise the common people’s voices.  The problem is we aren’t all uniting to deal with this mess, to say how can we fix this for the benefit of all?

Even if we were, who in Parliament is even listening?


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  1. erin llewelyn says: Reply

    We have a very similar situation in Australia. Politicians who are completely out of touch and the poor, elderly, disabled and unemployed are disenfranchised. There is a growing divide between the haves and the have nots and ‘news’ is reported by a totally biased media. We are facing an election where things are unlikely to change for the better.

    1. Dottie says: Reply

      It’s a sad state of affairs when those who are meant to serve the people serve themselves

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