Trousers to pencil skirt

I have a huge (and I mean huge) stash of clothes to up-cycle/re-fashion that live in a small wardrobe in my eldest son’s room.  In this stash was a pair of stretchy-striped-wide-legged-elastic-waisted trousers which weren’t very flattering on.  I love using old clothes to make new but I don’t always have the time but I saw these trousers and thought SKIRT!!!


As the the waist was a perfect fit, the first step was to decide what length so I measured from my waist to below my knee and added another inch or so.  I folded the trousers in half and measured from the waist band the same length and cut across the trouser legs.



Then I unpicked the seams on the inside of the leg, then I folded the material so that the unpicked seams were on the outside.  This gives you a skirt shape but with the crotch shape on the outside.  Now if I was doing this properly I would have measured around the widest part of my hips and thighs and divided by two to get the width on the flat material.  But I didn’t.  I just cut up the line closet to the edge of material but enough to get rid of the crotch shape, pinned it on both sides and sewed them up.



Then I hemmed the bottom (with a stitch that was a little tight as it puckered a little) and tah-da! I had made a skirt.  Excuse the quality of the pic, I have to get the hang of the shoot and pose pose.

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