The Eclectic Bohemian Home (part 1)

I have always loved bohemian/eclectic style homes, I can spend hours trawling Apartment Therapy, Moon to Moon and Pinterest.  I have Justina Blakeney’s book The New Bohemians and Sibella Court’s Nomad and Gypsy.

I lose track of time sighing in awe and making long mental wish lists.

I have a dream (home).

Being, for all intents and purposes, housebound (and skint), I’m not able to travel the world and fill my house treasures from far flung exotic places.  Instead I rely on Ebay and souveniors from holidays here in the UK to inspire me. Having been at home for nearly 18 months I know that the condition and decor of your home can have a huge impact on health and wellbeing.

I am slowly creating a home that reflects the true me in taste and style and as I progress I will share with you some pics of what I (my brain but Mr Pea and Master O’s brawn) have created.

But. This is real life. For all my wishes of a bohemian/eclectic home with perfectly staged furniture, artistically arranged vignettes and lushcious* pots of greenery, realistically my life isn’t as together as that.

(*my made up way of saying Lush – think Gavin and Stacey)

See below:

Boho living room real life

Notice that my living room whilst having some features of bohemian style (rug, plants, ornaments, vintage accessories) you can tell who actually spends most of their time in there and is trying to stamp their own personality on the room ( cringe at the sports direct bag – its the biggest bag he could find to drag his toys downstairs with).

boho living

Again my style isn’t quite complete with Little Pea’s toys, DVD’s and my favourite – Adventure Time stickers as artwork on the wall.

boho shelving

All artwork by Mr Pea.  All the mess by Master Pea.  His style is from the school of ‘throw it on, drag it off’. Especially the 1970’s throws and cushions.

boho bay window

I can mix vintage and modern (see my dancing Groot) but Master Pea is all about modern (toys)

As you can see I may do staging but my son does playing.  I don’t live in a show home, the mess and clutter may appall some of you (including Mr Pea, who shakes his head all the time muttering ‘you’ve got too much stuff’) but my home is loved and lived in.  There are times when it is how I dreamed it should be but then Master Pea comes in and does his thing, his imagination just happens to run riot in my living room not just in his head.

Love Dottie

P.S.  I will do some staged photos at some point 🙂

(by the way I am not affiliated with any company, person or product mentioned or photographed in this post)


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