Sunday sewing

One of my favourite blogs is New Dress A Day where the blogger Marisa Lynch spent a whole year and $365 on transforming old (and hideous) thrift store clothes into gorgeous wearable pieces.  My inspiration started with her blog and so inspired I bought a dress off ebay.

Now you can see by the way it hangs on my dummy (yep I finally have one since my broken dummy seems to have disappeared when we moved) that this dress is rather large.  Well I trawled a lot of sites and the whole of Marisa’s blog in the hope I could create something wearable.  The dress sat in my sewing box for about a week before I unpicked the skirt from the bodice section, then it shoved back in for another week.

Then Saturday night inspiration hit me and on Sunday I started to create.  First I measured my bust then I cut a section off the skirt so the top of the skirt fitted over my bust when pulled up under my arms.  I also cut a strip from the middle of the bodice the same length to create a band at the top of the skirt.

So far sew good, only because there wasn’t any sewing involved!  I am complete novice at sewing I can straight and zig zag stitch on my machine but that is about it. Firstly I wanted to sew the strip to the top section of the skirt.  No problem. Then I needed to sew the skirt together, but whilst doing that I also stitched  part of the strip to the skirt the wrong way.  Grrr out came the hem pickers, I unpicked part of it then sewed it back up.  I should have taken pics of it because the sewing really is a dogs dinner!

Anyway this is the dress finished.  I tied the middle with a scarf bought from a vintage shop from Cardiff.  I am pleased with it, it stays up and looks quite fifties.  I will get a pic of me wearing as soon as I can so you can see how it fits a real dummy 🙂

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