A simple button and what it can bring

A simple button

Enjoying the simple things

A button.

Little Pea has been bugging me for weeks to sew a pumpkin button on his cape. My fibro fog brain kept forgetting.

He has shown patience beyond his years whilst I am poorly and unable to do all the things we used to do.

His first thought about the school holidays was that he was home to help look after me.  He is 6.  Guilt and love washed over me in equal amounts.  The least I could do is sew on that button.

I finally sewed that darn thing on this morning and was rewarded with this beautiful smile.


Just a simple button made Little Pea beam at me.  Forgotten were the days that I didn’t do it, I was rewarded with a beautiful smile.

Shouldn’t we all be treasuring and enjoying our ‘buttons’, those simple moments that warm our heart’s and soar our souls?

Love Dottie



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