Simple Things

Today I gave Little Pea a job to do, it was a simple job but it meant a lot. I asked him to shell some peas.

shelling peas

I grew up with veg being grown in the garden and having my own allotment so I know the satisfaction of popping that pod and the wonder of finding those green gems inside. When doing my shopping I saw the unshelled peas and knew I had to get them for the children to do.
Little Pea loved it, though he didn’t have the popping technique, he was certainly skilled in opening the pods and removing the peas. This created a lovely discussion about growing plants, how they grow and what is edible, something I think all children should learn about and experience. Today he learnt where peas come from (not the freezer), how they grow and how they are cooked.
I am amazed that despite shelling the peas he didn’t try to eat one!
I am hoping that next year I will be able to grow some edible plants and that all the Pea children will join in.
Just a simple thing like shelling peas created a whole new stage of learning for Little Pea.

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