RSPB Newport Wetlands Reserve

As a family we enjoy our days out, as a large family we enjoy a free day out even more.  Living in South Wales we are very lucky to have lots of free places to take the kids, one of our more recent favourites (as recommended by friends) is the RSPB Wetlands.  There are reserves up and down the UK and if you visit the RSPB site you will be able to find something near you.

It’s a popular site; it’s free to park, free to enter, has a play area, cafe, shop and toilets as well as the walks.  So far this year we have been twice mainly because Little Pea couldn’t walk the whole route the first time.  We only spend a couple of hours there but it’s enough to blow the cobwebs of being stuck indoors for the 3 younger Peas, here are some photos of our what our Little Pea calls our “abentures”

Newport Wetlands Reserve
On the play area boat


minature lighthouse
All climbing the minature lighthouse


Lesser Spotted Older Peas in this photo


East Usk Lighthouse
The real East Usk Lighthouse watches over the entrance to the River Usk on the Severn Estuary


Forest trail
There are different walks which adds variety to our trips


There is am amazing amount of wildlife there, Little Pea loves duck spotting and the reserve has plenty of spots and hides to watch without too much disturbance

Remember if you visit areas like this don’t disturb the wildlife, feed the animals or leave any rubbish behind that way both us humans and the animals can enjoy these havens for years to come.


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