Re-decorating the living room…again



Ok, so if you know us well enough you will know that Mr Pea and I have a bit of an obsession with decorating and changing the layout of our rooms – especially the living room.  Well I got it into my head last week I wanted a more streamlined living room to which it was pointed out that we have 5 kids and minimalistic would be very difficult!!

Day One we sorted Little Pea’s toys and put one toy tub upstairs so that he only has one toy tub and a toy box with a few larger toys in the living room.  Next we cleared the shelves of clutter, DVDs, games, the printer and photos that were outdated.  Well, just by doing all that the room looked more spacious and I felt calmer.  Then I sat down and browsed around on Pinterest and Right Move (because I am nosey and like to see how other people live) and decided that I wanted our fireplace wall to be a bright vibrant colour.  Cue lots of sighs from Mr Pea because he knew I would be dragging him off to buy paint the next day.

Day Two came around but I had to show great patience (not easy for me when I have an idea in my head) and take Little Pea to mothers and toddlers.  When we got home Mr Pea had been glossing the shelves!!  They looked fab and he had glossed around the electric fire surround (which doesn’t work and we didn’t use it when it did) then we went to Homebase to get our paint, having settled on a bright blue.

So off we went to Homebase and ended up buying a tin of paint in cobalt blue and a gorgeous mirrored lamp that was reduced to £5.00 because it had a slight chip in the mirrored base.  A complete bargain since you can’t even see the chip! That afternoon we took down our beloved tree wall stickers and HOME letters and painted the feature wall but later that evening when we finally sat down, we decided to paint the wall opposite the fireplace in the same colour the next day. I also bought for some fabric on eBay to cover the cushions and fabric dye for our throws.


Ikea Barnslig fabric for the cushions

Day Three of our living room make over the sun was shining and I started on the second wall while Mr Pea painted a tree on the stair wall.  We had put the wall stickers we took off the fireplace wall there but they were very sorry looking and losing their stickiness so Mr Pea said he would paint a tree and birds.  I don’t know about you but they look amazing.  Again when we sat down in the evening we thought of more things to do!!  Paint the toy box and the stones in the fireplace to match the room, then hopefully other than the cushions and throws the room would be complete

Mr Pea’s first wall painting in progress


The finished tree….


The finished wall – amazing

Day Four and another glorious day. Out came the poster paints and the gloss and we got on with the painting.  Mr Pea had also decided that he would stick the HOME letters on the wall opposite the front door and paint intertwined trees around the letters again they look gorgeous.

Master Pea #2 painting his stones….

Master Pea #1 painting his…..


Miss Pea painting hers


Mr Pea’s second wall painting

So all that’s left now is to wait for the fabric so I can cover the cushions and the dye to colour the throws and the room is finished, so finished pics will be uploaded soon…

Painting the toy box, the blue is the colour on our walls


Little Pea playing with leaves and rainwater


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  1. The tree is brilliant – very impressed! And also impressed that you can even see a living room with 5 kids – yours must be very well trained. *hangs head in shame*

    ***To those I follow and who follow me – is my blog appearing on your dashboard? Blogger appears to be losing some blogs I follow!**

  2. Dottie says: Reply

    Thanks Lakota, I keep telling him he is very artistic! The kids aren't that well trained – their rooms are terrible so they are next on the de-clutter list.

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