Pumpkin Pie

I love Hallowe’en.  I love it so much I wish it could be a national holiday like Christmas!  So after the  fun and frivolity of the annual Hallowe’en party I get a little deflated and that’s where pie comes in.  Apparently (according to Wikipedia) although the pumpkin is native to North America and associated with Thanksgiving, it didn’t become a tradition there until the 19th Century but was being made in ‘England’ from the 17th century!!

So enough with the internet history lesson and onto the baking.  I looked at lots of recipes and settled on Anthony Worrall Thompson’s recipe on BBC Food. It was a part cheat, part cook recipe calling for a shop bought sweet short crust pastry case which is handy because I must admit I fail spectacularly at pastry.

The rest of the ingredients were fresh including the pumpkin which was scooped out of the pumpkins the afternoon before and refrigerated.

And so to the pictures…first the ingredients




Next the mixture, which didn’t look very appetising at all, I think my Little Pea said “Yuck!”


Pie before cooked

It smelt delicious as it was cooking and I could hardly wait for it to cool so I could tuck in.  Here is the final shot of the pie before we ate the lot.

Pie cooked

Next time I will try to get a bigger pie crust as this wasn’t quite deep enough and I had a tub full of mixture left over which I have frozen for another time.  This was definitely a success and the ease of the recipe means I will do it again when I can get my hands on some more pumpkins.

Have fun


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