oooh a new craft!

I have discovered felting!  I had heard about wet felting (but had never tried it) but then I saw needle felting on one of Kirstie Allsopp’s craft programmes.  I could do that, I thought, then promptly forgot about it.  Then a couple of months ago at a ladies craft group I support through work, the women were felting both wet and with needles.  My interest peaked again but then fizzled out with life as a busy working/studying mum

Then I found Art of Felting on Facebook and it blew my mind.  Check it out, seriously you will gasp at how realistic some of the felted animals are!  Suddenly inspired I bought a felting kit, extra needles and wool rovings from Ebay.

These are my creations so far, they aren’t fantastic pieces but I am only practising.

needle felted star.jpg
A googly eyed star
2014-06-26 20.41.55.jpg
A very fuzzy bee from my mind’s eye
needle felted bear.jpg
Very happy this bear came out bear shaped

I am hoping to perfect my new found, ahem, talent and have bought a cheap book to show me how to create some felt items more professionally.  You may see a lot more posts like this as I practice with my kit.


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