Looms – what they are for and which ones I use

Circular loom

Can’t knit? No problem!


Today’s post is about looms. I want to share with you how I use them to be creative on my good days.

Loom knitted scarf

Have you heard of or seen loom knitting before? I don’t mean loom bands, that craze from a couple of years ago.  I was pretty crap at it anyway. Succeeding only in pinging bands in all directions for our cat to devour and poop out a day later (she likes eating plastic???).

I have never been able to knit – my knitting tended to have more holes than wool. When I became ill last year I had another go to try and help take my mind off my aches and pains.

It didn’t work. Holding knitting needles just created more pain and frustration.  There was no mindful peace of concentrating on a singular task.

Maxi Loom

Looms, looms and more looms.

When I saw pins on Pinterest showing loom knitting and weaving – I was intrigued! I watched a few videos on YouTube and saw how easy it could be.

Spears Loom string weave

For someone who has had a interest in fabric and wool, I haven’t really though about how fabric is made.  I know about the mills of the Industrial Revolution that used flying shuttles.  I just hadn’t given much thought to how far back they have actually been used.  Or how many different types of looms there are.

It can be quite daunting setting out, there are so many types for so many different items.

Loads of looms

Here is a small list of looms I use

  • Circular – great for hats, scarves, snoods and sock. Also good for circular weavings
  • Long – great for scarves, blankets
  • French knitter – or mushroom loom for tubes and braids that come in different sizes
  • Sock – made for exactly that purpose and can adjust to make different sizes
  • Frame – these can be square or oblong and can have a fixed frame for weaving one size or twistable parts to weave longer pieces.
  • Flower – a great little pack that can help you make amazing flower shapes

Starting out

At first I bought a small selection of circular looms and a small weaving loom.  I found that as I rested them on my lap and only used small movements in my hand and wrist, I was able to knit and weave.


I can’t begin to describe how good it felt to be able to create without my fibromyalgia holding me back.  Sure I still have bad days where I can’t use my hands but I usually browse the internet for inspiration instead.

Loom knitted beanie

My collection of looms has grown, I have knitted hats, scarves and fingerless gloves using long and circular looms.  For my weavings I use vintage Spears loom and a larger newer loom that stands on the table.  I even have a sock loom and a french knitter (which knits tubes/braids)

Spears weaving loom

Next I am going to try out my S-loom which can be used to make larger blankets and rugs.

Where to buy

So if you want to have a go you can buy looms and weaving squares on eBay and Amazon. I also recommend KnitUK who do a fabulous range of looms with removable pegs for chunky/fine knits.

Maybe one day I will master knitting needles but for now I happy to be looming loopy. I hope this inspires any other non-knitters not to give up just yet.

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Dottie x


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