Living room make over for £66!!!!!

So it’s finished.  The living room, toy box and stones are painted, the throws are dyed, the cushion covers and tie backs are sewn and we have a new lamp all for £66!!! Now if you don’t have gloss, throws, spare paint or material to utilise then it will cost you more but I just wanted to show you want you can do by using up what you have and buying the barest minimum.

                      The living room at Christmas: un-dyed throws, grotty cushions, messy shelves, grey wall and stickers
We had already dyed the throws before this photo
The fireplace at Halloween, cluttered with candles and the stones


After the makeover:  a picture of loveliness
The finished fireplace, toy box and newly painted wall in matt Cobalt paint from Homebase £14.49
Nice and bright with the cushions finished by using new fabric bought for under £23 and blue fabric I already had and dye for under £12

The wall opposite the T.V. the map is hung on a canvas bought for £12 and painted
Our bargain £5 lamp…spot the chipped mirror
The painted Ikea toy box
Painted stones with kids poster paints

We absolutely love our ‘new’ living room, its bright, colourful and uplifting.  What do you think?

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