Green fingers, black thumb

I have always had a love/hate relationship with plants.  As a child my family had an allotment and also grew veg in our back garden, we had our own patches to look after and helped reap the rewards of our work.

The trend for decorating our houses with plants has had a resurgence, you only have to open an interior decorating magazine or click on a website and you will see a bushy fern or a cheeky cactus nestling among other decorative trend.

Not being able to get out for walks due to my chronic illness has been one of the bitterest pills to swallow.  I decided that bringing the plants inside would be the next best thing.

My track record in being able to keep living things, well, alive, is a bit chequered. I mean I have an 100% success rate with humans, my eldest has made it to adulthood despite his best efforts to break both arms and legs and teeter on the edge of possible death for not doing his chores; and my youngest is still going strong even with his obsession with the undead.

However, the smaller the living thing the odds of it surviving are greatly reduced. Babies, high survival rate. Fish? Not a chance. I also do well with four legged friends apart from when circumstances are beyond my control (RIP Abbie and Myrtle).

So I thought if I got houseplants that were:

a) not poisonous to humans or cats, and

b) were classed as easy to maintain but hard to kill

then the odds would be forever in our favour.  Umm,no.

Half of my succulents have died, the echeveria is no more, the fern is straggly, my maidenhair ferns have been brought back from the brink 3 times and Bilbo has all but eaten the spiderplant!

How can my fingers be green yet my thumb is black???

Spring is upon us, that means I have to turn my thoughts to outside and my continued failings to make outdoor plants grow apart from the jungle out back where the forest is reclaiming its land.


My solution? My mother and sisters. There is not a black thumb amongst them! I think if I let them plant the plants then there is a higher chance that more than weeds will survive.

Wish me (and the plants) good luck



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