Creating a peaceful space

meditation - 60 days of mindfulness

Since I became ill a year ago some things in life have gone out the window. Actually, having a ‘life’ has gone out the window. A life as I knew it.

Last year was mostly about accepting what has happened so I can focus not on what was or what will be but what is.

This I am hoping to take the time to get to know the new me, explore what I can do rather than grieve for what I used to be able to do. Easy to say but not so easy to do especially when I can’t do about 90% of what I used to be able to do.

So pacing, focus and listening to my body have become my goals but I find it difficult to concentrate (even without brain fog) when my surroundings are chaotic. With a lot of help from Mr P and Master P #1 we are slowly turning my house back into a home.

My bedroom is a place I spend an enormous amount of time and I am lucky that I have a big room that I can create ‘spaces’. I have a bed that I use like a huge settee, a desk looking out of one window for sitting at when I am able and all the usual drawers, wardrobe and TV etc but something was missing.

Since my training as a counsellor I have used short mindfulness exercises for both my clients and myself and have always wanted to practice more regularly. Mindfulness has also played a huge part in helping me manage my pain and accept my body but I felt I needed a dedicated ‘space’ to help my mind and body rather than being led in bed.

So we have managed to turn this….

Creating a peaceful space before

To this…

Creating a peaceful space after

I am so pleased with it, even the kids have said they wouldn’t mind having quiet moments in the corner!!

Other touches to the room have been the addition of a Himalayan Salt Lamp courtesy of Mr and Mrs Christmas….


….and a gorgeous mandala wall hanging…


There are still some minor touches to be made to my room but now I feel more relaxed and positive being in here.

Have you got a special room or corner that you can go to and just breathe? I would love to see your pictures!!


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