Christmas part 2

This second post Christmas Christmas blog is all about the tree and the stockings.  This year we decided that we weren’t going to buy a Christmas tree as we are on an economy drive and I really didn’t like fake trees so after seeing those paper trees on the John Lewis website for about £80+ I decided that we would cut a branch from the trees in the back (our house backs onto the woods as well as having a few trees in it) and paint it white.  Mr Pea cut a base from an old wardrobe shelf and fixed the branch to it suing nails and a piece of plastic tubing.  Et Voila!  One tree that cost us £2.50 for the acrylic paint!


The decorated tree and the kid’s presents in brown paper and colourful ribbon
Little Pea in awe of the tree and presents, this was his first ‘proper’ Christmas and he was so good at not touching them

However, the problem with the tree is that it now has a base so it won’t fit in the attic to use for next year and we can’t fit it into the shed.  So now it sits on own patio out the front as a bird feeder.  I just wish the birds would feed off it, I have only seen one bird on there the whole month it has been outside!!

As you can see from this picture we are having that little bit of snow that was forecast this weekend.

Now the stockings.  I am a glutton for punishment.  Even my father said so when I told him I was sewing 7 stockings before Christmas Eve.  Cue memories of my mother sewing until stupid o’clock at Christmas to get our stockings finished but still I persevered and I actually finished them on Christmas Eve well before the children went to bed!

The pattern was an Elf stocking from Disney Family Fun where there are loads of free downloadables for different types of crafts with the kids.  I made 7 different ones, a black and white one for Mr Pea as he supports Newcastle United; a red and white candy cane one for me (which I made the wrong way round); a blue gingham one for Miss Pea; red velvety one for Master Pea #1; red small check for Master Pea #2; green gingham for Master Pea #3 and a patchwork one for Little Pea.  Although they are a little plain now I plan to add some decoration to them each year.

After all the fussing about a tree and what to do next year, I went to my Dad and Stepmums and they had an amazing tree which they said my sister also got from B&Q for about £50.  It was about 7ft but nice and slim, so I trawled the internet and found a similar one at Tesco and it was cheaper only £35!!!!  I know, I know I have always said I would never get a fake tree but I just loved this and as we are on a money saving drive it definitely made sense.  Look out for the pictures next Christmas as I was only allowed to check all the pieces were there I didn’t take a photo, so here is the final photo of the tree and stockings on Christmas Eve
So that is all the Christmas and Halloween posts done, hopefully this year I will keep my blog up todate.  I have some more upcycled/refashioned clothes to post very soon.

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