Christmas decorations and crafts

Well Christmas has come and gone and I have been very busy making a few things.  First off the monster that was the Advent calendar I wanted a individual calendar that was big enough for five chocolate in each pocket.  It took me about 3 weeks worth of evenings and everything on there has been hand sewn (and wunda webbed for added strength), I finally finished it on November 30th, well finished it for this year as next year I will put a back on it and add something on the right hand side of the picture.  The Father Christmas on his sleigh was a printable from Activity Village and the snowflakes were from Arts and crafts ideas everything else was mine or Mr Pea’s own templates.

Next up was a Gingerbread and mitten garland.  Again I found some patterns on the internet and cut out some felt shapes. The mitten template was from North Pole Christmas a brilliant site for all templates christmassy. I then embroidered the pattern and faces on the Gingerbread men and a blanket stitch and a heart on the mittens, finally I used some garden twine and stuck the shapes to it using parcel tape (as that was all I had to hand).



Now I was on a roll!  Next up some hanging decorations as presents.  First I made a bird but this was too big to hang on a tree.  The template is from Lavender Blue but I didn’t use the full template just the bird outline and cut two pieces, embroidered on both sides, stitched them together then stuffed it.  I was pleased with the result even if it was too big for a present so we have kept it and hung it our wall.

The next set of decorations were a mixture of baubles, mittens, doves and  a heart.  I love the mitten and the dove but the heart was a bit wonky and I cut the top off the teardrop ornament and had to improvise.  The teardrop template is from Activity Village, the dove is from Hobbycraft and the heart is from Free Craft Unlimited


That’s all for now but the next post will be about our alternative tree and the rush to finish the Christmas stockings!!!

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