Another piece I made earlier

This piece was made from  hoodie jacket that I have had for years that has just sat in my wardrobe because I thought I looked pregnant in it.  Then, when I was pregnant, I couldn’t fit into it!!!  So I decided it was for the chop and become a wearable item.  The second piece of clothing was a leopard print maternity top that is now so huge it could fit two of me inside (yep I was almost the size of two people when I was pregnant).


So firstly I unpicked the hoodie, taking away the puffy bottom part that made me look full term.  Then I removed the bottom of the leopard print top that was like a stretchy band.
Sewing the band onto the hoodie was trickier than I thought, I had to unpick the band as it was still in a loop, resew each end (sorry no pics I didn’t think to take them) and match each end up to the jacket so that it could still be opened up and hem it onto the hoodie.
I did all this with the sewing machine, but when I say hem I basically mean a zig zag stitch and/or a tight line stitch as I don’t have an overlocker.  Anyway here is the finished product modelled by my little sister again
So another top finished I might and some of the leopard print to the hood at some stage but for now I am happy with it.
Dottie x

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