The Dottie Dormouse started life as The World of Dottie P, my life as a mother, student, worker and crafter. Intended to inspire people to ‘have a go’ even if the results were binned under epic fail, get out and explore their area, try a new craft or cook a new dish.


It happens to us all.

We have the good times, the bad times and all those little bits in between. Millions of experiences that we never stop to think about, stuff we would love to do but never find the time, causes that we are passionate about but can’t find our voice. Families, friends, love and loss.

We are more than the status’ we write or the pictures that we post, we see or read something in this globally connected way but somehow miss what is there between the lines or behind that selfie smile.

If like me you are a bit dotty, all over the place and really don’t have your shit together, hop on board!

So who is this dotty rambling woman?

I am Dottie Dormouse, no it’s not my real name but a nickname from my childhood as I would be found curled up in bed either asleep or with a book, mostly asleep.

I am a mum to two boys Master Pea #1 and Little Pea, Stepmonster to Master Pea’s #2 & #3 and Miss Pea and partner to Mr Pea and we live in South Wales (UK).

I love crafting, music, books (Mr Pea says I have too many) and constantly changing rooms around and decorating (imperfectly, I might add).

At the beginning of 2015 I had apart time in a job that I loved, I was studying at university and volunteering on my days off, my life was pretty hectic until I became chronically ill and my life got turned upside down.

Now its 2016, a new year, a new start and a new blog!

So Life, bring it. Let’s see what you’ve got?