A trip to the beach – Aberavon, South Wales

At the beginning of this month during half term my father and step-mum took Little Pea and I to the beach.

Not any old beach though, this is the beach near where my father lived until he was 8.  He spent a lot of time on this beach and has a lot of fond memories of the area.

I still have relatives in the area but this was the first time I had been back since I was little.

It was a glorious summer afternoon and Little Pea was in his element.  The beach is very long and when the tide is out there is plenty of room.

We spent a few hours sitting and trying to coax Little Pea out of the unusually warm water, then had an ice cream whilst watching the tide come in, forcing those left on the beach to retreat up onto the steps and promenade.

Aberavon beach

The steps of the promenade stretch along the beach and are lettered in case you lose your bearings

getting wet

Splashing about in the sea

out to sea

Aberavon beach is in Port Talbot so you often sea tankers and tugs going into the port.


This is the child who couldn’t stand the beach when he was a baby!

running wild

Now we can’t get him out of the water! The call of the sea was too great and he kept darting back in.


The only downside to the beach is the steelworks at the end.  Both my father and grandfather have worked there.

icecream time

Nothing like an Italian ice cream to finish of the day.

The beach itself is 3 miles long and the promenade is 2 miles long. There are cafe’s and other food outlets, play areas, cinema and a large splash play area so there is plenty to do even if the tide is in.

I will leave you with my favourite photo of the day…

run run

The look on their faces says it all 🙂

Love Dottie

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