Halloween 2011

Well I know it is January 2012 but I am catching up on my blogging!  Here are some of our Halloween pics….


This is one of my displays, the book cover was a free printable from Chickabug and the labels on the jars were another  free printable (when I find the website I will update this).



This was one of my favourite downloadable from Craftily Ever After and had pride of place opposite the front door.



Mr Pea was in charge of the pumpkins….

This is in our hallway so I just halloweened it up a bit by adding bats, spiders, rats, crows and a pumpkin and hats and a cloak to the children
Our Halloween games are the ones we played as children – bobbing apples and doughnuts on a string.  I also made a game of throwing the ghost in the cauldron (white socks stuffed with newspaper with funny faces drawn on) and this year we added pin the tail on the werewolf as well.  As you can see we are getting Little Pea into the spirit (ha ha) of things at a young age.
Here are some pictures of our costumes.  First up is Master Pea #2 as the Mad Hatter
Master Pea #2’s costume was made up of his brown jeans and rugby shirt with Master Pea #1’s old waistcoat and my cord jacket.  Throw in a necktie made of spotty material, a canvas bag, oddments of material, some small cotton reels and a shop bought had and wig and voila!
This is Master Pea #3 as Altair from Assassins Creed.  That hood was a nightmare to sew!  The tabard and hood is just calico, the red belt is a cut up t-shirt, the brown belt is a cord belt from skirt, my belt is across his shoulder and on his wrists are toilet rolls covered in cord fabric.
Master Pea #1 was simple all he wore was an old coat of mine with a bikers mask and his own hat and toy gun.  Not sure what he was but he was happy.
Mr Pea went Steampunk with all his own clothing just punked up and his own beret from his Army days.  Little Pea is wearing last years costume with the feet cut off (that’s why its up to his knees).  Not sure how he got the white face paint on his head but it looks like dove on his head!
This is Miss Pea in her Hufflepuff costume, she loves Harry Potter.  Her cloak was a nightmare to make and is the first time I have made a lined cloak and it drove me to tears.  I didn’t even hem the bottom.  The rest of her costume came from ebay, including the hufflepuff school badges and tie, the skirt has come in handy for school.
This is me and my baby sis all dressed up.  I am on the left in my Steampunk on a budget and she is a sugar skull from the Mexican celebration of  Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

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