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  • Starting a Creative Journal

    starting a journal

    Finding my voice creatively I’ve decided to start a journal partly to practice drawing but also as personal therapy. During my studies we were encouraged to journal as part of our personal development.  Finding it hard to write, work, volunteer, study, run a house and be a mum, partner etc. I didn’t persevere, it’s not […]

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  • Holding on, letting go

    This morning during my mindfulness practice one thought and feeling kept popping back in. How am I going to ever work a normal job again? This was followed by a churning in the pit of my stomach that wants to rise up and engulf me. Fear. I accepted the thought and it’s accompanying feelings, put […]

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  • Hello!

    Welcome to The Dottie Dormouse! You may have just found me or you may have been redirected from my old blog ‘The World Of Dottie P’.  If you’ve just found me, great! Have a nose about my blog on topics from family life to decorating, upcycling to crafting and if you have been redirected from […]